"Can you come look at it?"
Yes we can, we come to you.

Welcome to Geeks 2 U Mankato Computer and Phone Repair!



It's a love hate relationship.

When you’re having trouble with your personal or business computer, or your internet connection isn’t playing nice, or when it’s time your child needs to print his / her term paper and the printer fails, we are here for you! During these times of pain, give us a call we will send a trained, Geeks2u Technician to take those frustrations away from you.

During those times of frustration, it may be required that we bring your machine back to our shop so we can perform further diagnostics and have the tools available to get your machine back up and running like it was designed to.

Don’t have a computer problem, but you do have a mobile device screen that is broken? Don’t worry, we fix those too! If you bought a new iPad and need help understanding how to set it up with iTunes? We can assist with that as well.

These are only a few things we provide at Geeks2u. Check out all our offerings as you browse our website and when you have questions, please give us a call or contact us via our contact page.